Thanks to all the team moms that take the time to help manage our player experience as well as help us to improve on all aspects that allow us as a youth organization run smoothly and easily.  

Team Moms have specific duties and tasks that are administrative as well as more detail oriented for their specific age group and team skill level. All who take on this responsibility will work closely with their coach to help them better strengthen their team and focus more on player experience. In doing this our coaches will become better in teaching key fundamentals to enhance their players’ experience in our league and continue our winning culture on and off the field.

The following links below give our moms the information they need to get their teams up and running with some simple ideas and will also give us what we need to get your athlete in the right gear.

Team Mom Meeting

Date: August 1

Time: 7:00 pm


Player Lanyard Information:

      Kelly Bible –

Riverton Logo for Printables and Embroideries:

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 Team Sign/Printing Contact:

       UPS STORE – 801-572-5344

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